Transparent. Fair. Secure

Transparent. Fair. Secure

We are Empowering the Next Generation of Retail Traders and Redefining an Industry.

Adding Value by Removing the Middleman

We built a global peer-to-peer derivatives exchange to make it simpler for traders to connect and trade directly with each other safely without default consequences.

The result – more satisfaction and higher profits all around for everyone.

Quick Trade Executions with Smart Contract Settlements

All achieved through a proprietary hybrid trading engine that conducts trade matching on cloud servers and subsequently processes trade settlements through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Secure p2p trading – funds are tokenized and collateralized during a trade then profits are auto-disbursed by smart contracts upon conclusion of a transaction.

Trade Options like a Pro – with FairSenseTM Fair Pricing Algorithms

Level01 provides proprietary algorithms to aid in the pricing of options and derivative contracts. These algorithms assess and provide realtime dynamic fair price value for all participants in an asset market.

Leveling the playing field – Retail traders can now trade with the same efficiency as professionals with FairSenseTM assisting to estimate true market value of the contracts they seek to trade.